40 hours/week locally
Assignment Dates: February 13 – August 11, 2023

As we launch the 2023 season and support all Group Mission Trips experiences, this
intern will work directly with our project manager and developer, helping manage the
logistics of both Workcamps and Week of Hope. Specific duties include but are not
limited to coordinating supplies and paperwork going to camp leaders, communicating with lodging facility contacts via phone and e-mail, managing food purchase orders, and ensuring materials are ordered and delivered to project sites.

Project Management Intern Qualifications

Education and Experience Requirements
Minimum of 2 years (4 semesters) of college coursework and/or work experience in at
least one of the following areas:


  1. Assess camp supplies inventory and order necessary supplies
  2. Develop working relationships with cosponsors, site writers, setup directors, lodging facility contacts, and coordinators for Workcamps and Week of Hope
  3. Create clear and concise communication with all partners, internal and external.
  4. Attend materials database training and assist the project manager in processing, entering, and communicating all work site information
  5. Evaluate and modify service project descriptions for Week of Hope
  6. Assist with staff training preparation and logistics
  7. Maintain the ongoing camp processes of staff setup boxes, camp food orders and deliveries, work descriptions, and shipments
  8. Provide additional assistance as needed by the Group Mission Trips team