The program manager oversees media during programs, takes high quality photos of all aspects of Workcamp, and supports the Red Shirt team with leadership, encouragement, and a servant’s heart. The responsibilities of the program manager include but are not limited to the following:

Minimum Job Requirements
  • Attend summer staff training in Colorado (beginning late May)
  • Possess a current and valid US driver's license
  • Work closely and effectively with the Red Shirt staff by supporting and encouraging them to ensure an excellent camp experience for each participant
  • Invest in youth leaders and youth. Build and maintain positive relationships at each camp
  • Build positive relationships with the local staff and cosponsor, thanking them for partnering with us to serve the community
  • Ability to live and work well in community and team dynamic
  • Possess a strong and dependable work ethic, including being on time and responsible for all duties
  • Ability to perform under challenging work conditions (hot temperatures, less sleep, and longer work hours)
  • Ability to accept supervision and constructive criticism
  • Resolve camp issues swiftly and effectively with the guidance of the camp director and GMT staff
Position Job Requirements
  • Set up, maintain, and tear down all program equipment and props, cleaning and organizing the program area daily
  • Work alongside MC, program team member, and worship leader to deliver high-quality morning and evening programs to participants
  • Run lights, sound, and projection equipment for every morning and evening program
  • Train, oversee, and support volunteer program team member 
  • Visit work sites daily to encourage participants. Take quality photos (with assistance from the program team member) of every work crew, resident, youth group, program, staff member, and other miscellaneous photos. This requires confidence in driving the smaller vehicle each day to various work sites
Physical Requirements
  • Able to lift objects up to 50 pounds
  • Capable of working (walking, standing, sitting, etc.) for 10-14 hours per day
  • Prepared to work busy camp days with an average of 5-6 hours of sleep per night
  • Comfortable with driving large vehicles in unfamiliar areas of the country for 5+ hours per day and when not driving, sitting in a car/box truck for up to 10 hours per day. This could include highway, city, rural, and night driving
  • Depending on the number of camps and weeks you work, you can make up to $4600 for the summer. All lodging and transportation costs are also included for the whole summer (except for the costs of getting to and from Colorado at the beginning and end of summer), so you only have to worry about food during off-duty travel times and setup week.

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