Dear ________________,

This summer, I plan to join people from all over the country in ___________________ for a short-term mission trip with Group Mission Trips.

I’ll be serving people in Jesus’ name and building long-lasting friendships and memories. Through the week, I’ll be giving up certain luxuries (bed, air-conditioning, hot showers, etc.) to live in close-quarters with up to 100 other participants and serve each day in projects like providing meals for the homeless, tutoring struggling children from low-income families, helping lead a day camp for kids, working with disabled children and adults, or visiting with elderly folks in an assisted-living facility. 

A big part of the week is allowing Jesus to shine through me to others and letting him do work in me through daily devotions and worship programs. It will be an adventure! 

Part of that adventure is raising money for the trip—and that’s why I’m contacting you. I’m writing to ask you for a donation to help cover the expense of this life-changing service opportunity. 

I’m taking part in other fundraising activities, and I’m kicking in my own money, but that won’t be enough. 

Even if you can’t make a donation, please consider praying for my trip. 

Thanks so much for considering this request.