Group Mission Trips’ Screening Requirements:

If your church is NEW to background checks, we recommend…

You may use any organization for background checks, just make sure they run national/multi-state checks. If you need a recommendation, we like Clear Investigative Advantage!

They are super easy to work with and offer a great price. Call them to set up a church/organization account (they do not have a sign-up or annual fee) and tell them you are serving with Group Mission Trips! Their “Basic Starter” package offers a very affordable background check and meets our requirements.

It’s best to call them to set up your account, Clear Investigative Advantage can be reached at 888-242-2503 option 2.

Plan ahead! Setting up an account with any background check organization takes time!

Another Background Check Option:

**Not a church or organization? **

There is a provider online that appears reliable that individuals can use to run “instant” background checks: Criminal Watch Dog