To Provide the Best Experience, All Trip Participants Agree To The Following:

Group Mission Trips looks forward to providing a safe, fun, and memorable mission trip experience. Each participant is responsible for acting in a way that is respectful to God, ourselves, and others and assures everyone has a positive experience. All participants are required to follow these behavioral guidelines.

Expected Behavior

Prohibited Behavior

How behavioral guideline violations will be handled:

Camp leadership will:

Disciplinary decisions are at the camp director’s or camp leadership’s final discretion after consulting with the group leader.

Failure to adhere to these behavioral guidelines may result in warning, correction, dismissal, or legal action as necessary. We reserve the right to dismiss a participant from camp whose conduct is severely disruptive or creates physical harm to self or others.

In the event of a dismissal, there will be no reimbursement of registration fee, nor any travel expense required by a guardian to pick up the participant if required.

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