(Please ensure the following is complete at least 30 days before your trip.)


I, the trip leader, have the user name and password for my customer account. I have logged in and reviewed the information there and have shared the “Link to Participant Form” with all of my youth and adult participants.

I have at least one adult (age 21 or older) registered for every five participants that are under 21 years.

If I have both boys and girls in my group, I have at least one male adult and one female adult registered.


Under Participant Info, the parent/guardian of all my participants that are 17 years or younger have filled out the information and digitally signed it.

Under Participant Info, every participant that is 18 or older has filled out their information and digitally signed it.

I have verified that every participant is on the list, only once, and that their information is correct. (I double-checked age, gender, spelling, skill levels if attending a Workcamp, and used the delete button to get rid of duplicates.)


Every participant that is 18 years or older (students too) has had a multi-state/national background check that is no older than 2 years from the start of the mission trip.

Background checks have been seen by the pastor and are safely on file.

In my customer account, under “Screening Form,” I have entered all 18 and older participants and their background check information and I have sent my pastor an email using the “Send Authorization Message” button so that they can digitally authorize each adult participant.


I verified that all our vehicles, drivers, and insurance information is accurate.
I am bringing vehicles that each have a capacity for at least 6 people.
My vehicles and drivers are available daily to transport crews during the camp.


If I have any special requests or situations that I want GMT to know about, I have entered those into the “Special Requests” section on my account. GMT will be notified and will either approve or ask for clarification before making special accommodations. I understand that entering notes here is not a guarantee that GMT can accommodate them.


If you are new to Group Mission Trips or need a refresher, here is a great video from our President, Tim, and our Mission Trip Advisor, Bri. Enjoy!