Dinwiddie, VA: Non-perishables
East Bank, WV: Non-perishables
Erie, PA: Non-perishables 
Grand Rapids, MI: Non-perishables
Hamilton, OH: Diapers (all sizes), formula
Hazlet, NJ: Non-perishables
Huntington, WV: Non-perishables 
Imperial, PA: Non-perishables
Mescalero, NM:  
•    Toiletries
•    Dental Care Items
•    Feminine Hygiene Products
•    Baby Formula
•    NEW socks and underwear of varying sizes
​​​​​Mission, SD: Non-perishables 
Parsons, KS: Non-perishables, toilet paper, diapers
Scranton, PA: Socks (new), toiletries of all types
Springfield, OH: Local Soup Kitchen: 
•    Hygiene kits
•    Coffee and Creamer
•    Instant Mashed Potatoes
•    Sugar
•    6 or 8 oz Styrofoam cups
•    paper plates and bowls
•    Plastic Forks and Spoons
•    2 Ply Napkins
•    Plastic Gloves
•    Large Kitchen Trash Bags
•    55 Gallon Trash Bags
•    Aluminum Foil
•    Plastic Zip lock Bags
•    Salt and Pepper and other spices
•    Large Commercial cans of Food

Wausau, WI: Community Partner
•    Kleenex
•    Paper Towel
•    Clorox Wipes
•    Hand sanitizer
•    Dish washer soap
•    Dawn dish soap
•    Kitchen Towels
•    Scrubbies for washing dishes
•    Non-perishable food items
•    Cleaning Supplies

Westfield, IN: Non-perishables
Winchester, KY: Non-perishables
Wrightsville, PA: School supplies for students of all ages as well as the following toiletries:
•   Toothpaste
•   Shampoo
•   Soap
•   Deodorant
•   Paper Towels
•   Toilet Paper

Woonsocket, RI: Non-perishables